In the finishing section, our qualified staff gives the final touch to the products, leaving them ready for shipment, from any type of color through the paint booth, to any imaginable design by laser cutting or vinyl, leaving the product ready for packaging. customized finish tailored for the client.

We have a wide range of colors and finishes where our customers can choose. 

  • Famacolor: We have the most advanced technology and thanks to the continuous improvement of our facilities we can guarantee optimum quality finishes. Galvanized + color
  • Famacolor+: Thanks to the wide variety of colors, this treatment is carried out by applying polyester powder paint through an electrostatic process. We determine 3 types of finishes:
– Hot dip galvanized + famacolor
– Primer + famacolor
– Special base alloys + famacolor

Hot dip galvanized: The products are subjected to hot dip galvanizing. It is the best process against corrosion favoring a long durability of the product.

Decor: We personalize the client's fence with the name or logo of your company. We create innovative or ornamental designs to combine it with the landscape, merging them with their surroundings. They are applied to the product to achieve a more aesthetic finish according to the customer's requirements, offering different finishes and shapes.