Famakids, the solution for fencing playgrounds



The little ones in the house love to play in the park. Playgrounds must be safe, resistant and attractive areas for children. Therefore, in FAMAVI we have developed an innovative solution for fencing parks: Famakids panels.

These panels offer a elegant and functional design, without compromising security of the minors. In this post, we tell you all the details about Famakids and its features.

The advantages of Famakids

The Famakids fences are composed of panels 1.815 meters long and 0.718 meters high. These are assembled to two posts with two different anchoring options:

  •  Anchored to a base bolted to the ground.
  • Recessed anchor, where the post is buried in the ground.

Famakids contributes many advantages over conventional fencing. Not only are they easy to assemble, but they offer greater durability and safety thanks to their design.

weld-free assembly

One of the most outstanding aspects of this type of panel is its construction with slats assembled without welding. This feature eliminates any possibility of rust spots.

As we know, oxidation can weaken the structure and compromise the integrity of the panels. This may present a risk to the safety of minors.

However, with Famakids panels, there is no need to worry about that problem. The absence of welds guarantees exceptional durability and long service life.

Elegance and versatility

The Famakids panel slats are distinguished by their exquisite design and sophistication. They are made of galvanized sheet metal and profiled in an elegant rhomboid shape with fine ribs.

This panel has exceptional strength, combined with a versatile design that allows numerous combination possibilities to adapt perfectly to any environment.

Easy to assemble and adapted to each space

Thanks to their modular design, it is possible to adapt them to different sizes and shapes of playgrounds. This allows customize the distribution according to the specific needs of each space.

Famakids panels are assembled to the posts with very easy to install clamps. In addition, the round posts with the clamps allow each panel to adapt to any bank, angle and unevenness found in the terrain. Being just one type of post for all types of blemishes, clients don't have to use different pieces.

This clamp system avoids welding, which in the long run, and together with our paint quality, makes the panel more resistant to corrosion. Likewise, Famakids panels have the advantage of making the necessary cuts to adapt or adjust any type of finish or final finish during the execution of the work.

Security before everything

When it comes to playgrounds, safety is paramount. Famakids panels meet our highest quality standards.

In addition, they are designed following current legislation on child safety. This type of fence is certified to be installed in children's areas, complying with the standard UNE-EN 1176-1: 2018.

As we have mentioned above, the absence of welding points and the solid structure of the panels prevent oxidation, thus minimizing the risk of injury. This feature offers invaluable peace of mind while the little ones have fun.

Variety of finishes

Famakids is not only versatile due to its modular capacity, but it can also be customized with vibrant and attractive colors at the client's choice. This customization adds a touch of fun and joy to the play space.

These panels are available in the entire range of RAL colors and in oxirons grey, brown and black. With this great variety, we satisfy the different aesthetic and design needs.

The finishes are high quality colors applied with the most advanced technology. In this treatment, polyester powder paint is applied through an electrostatic process. This option guarantees an optimal and professional finish.

Famakids panels represent an innovative and safe solution to close playgrounds. Thanks to their versatility and commitment to child safety, Famakids panels are the best option for this type of environment.


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