More than 45 years innovating at customer service

FAMAVI is a leading manufacturer in the metal fencing industry, established since 1977. 

For more than four decades, we have been manufacturing high-quality products to meet all our customer's needs in terms of technical solutions and customized metal fencing designs.

Our commitment to excellence extends throughout the entire process, from manufacturing to marketing, and after-sales service, which allows us to offer a global service that meets all our customers' expectations.

Our range of products has evolved over time to adapt to the changing needs of the market and the demands of our customers. Currently, FAMAVI offers a wide variety of enclosure solutions, including:

- Metal fencing: Safe, private and aesthetic solutions for various properties.

- Gates: Durable and versatile, they delimit areas and provide additional security.

- Doors: High quality sliding, telescopic and self-supporting doors in different styles and materials.

-Temporary billboards: Practical and profitable option for events and constructions.

At FAMAVI, we are committed to innovation and continuous improvement, which allows us to offer high-quality enclosure products and customized solutions for our clients. Our goal is to remain industry leaders and stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies.


REFERENCE company in the enclosure sector for its quality and customer service, developing highly durable products and assembly solutions.


Manufacture quality metal enclosures in continuous evolution adapted to the needs of the client with the aim of maintaining loyalty and trust in our brand.


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  • Respect for others and for the environment 
  • Kaizen Spirit


Tailor-made service is part of FAMAVI's customer service policy, with the support of a technical department that offers advice and service adapted and personalized to specific solutions to the needs of our customers. The FAMAVI guarantee is granted for installed work, with the entire project carried out entirely with FAMAVI products and accessories, excluding coastal or polluted areas and with the approval of our company's technical staff.
We manufacture, profile, weld and paint according to the needs of our clients.

Presentation of FAMAVI

A presentation to understand a little more what we do and build.


FAM presentation

Can a product be improved without too much cost?
Of course! We leave you with the FAM product


complete process

The personalized treatment we offer, and our adaptation to the specific needs of each client, makes us essential leaders in our sector.

From the supply of sheet metal or wire, guaranteed by Famavi, to the transformation into enclosures, going through the drawing, profiling and galvanizing processes, Famavi guarantees total control of all manufacturing stages to offer you maximum quality. We are specialists in posts, gates, laser cutting and profiles for metal fences.

International expantion

Thanks to our quality system as the basis of work in all its manufacturing processes, the protection of our products, as well as the constant concern for the environment, confirms a continuous response to our customers every day.
For this reason we extend from the Iberian market to a large part of Europe, Famavi has made internationalization its priority, continuing its development in Eastern countries, in the American continent and in the Middle East.

R + D + I

The firm commitment to research, development and innovation, is reflected from our R+D+I department, in continuous development of our products and improvements of the current ones, which cover the needs of our customers to the maximum.


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